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The Gagnons are a family just like any other, except we have Jordan!  An amazing girl who has rocked our world and taught us so many valuable life lessons.  We are on a mission to bring awareness to rare diseases, build communities, advocate for those that need a voice, and to pack in as much enjoyment as we can along the way!!  
Our Family:


This 12 year old girl is unlike any other pre-teen you've likely met.  Jordan was diagnosed with a life limiting neurological disease at the age of 4 and is slowly experiencing loosing the functions we take for granted.   So far it has taken away her ability to walk, has impacted her lungs, eyes, brain, fine motor skills, and that is just to name the things we can see.   This is Jordan's reality however she does not let this dim her light!  She is such a ray of sunshine and lights up any room that she enters.  Jordan's passions include; sharing her story, being an advocate, travel, and most recently modeling!  If you would like to see her roster page please click HERE.

Christa (Mom)

Christa Gagnon is a woman that wears many hats.  Being blessed with Jordan has shaped the trajectory of her career and passions.  Her daughter is her world and she is on a mission to bring awareness and find a cure. She is an advocate and knows the importance of her voice.  She has been an entrepreneur and business owner for the past 20 years and just recently stepped into the nonprofit space as a brand manager.  It is Christa's goal to create community and bring people together.  She is excited that she has reached the portion of her life where she is able to give back and help others.

Peter (Dad)

Peter Gagnon is a combat veteran that now works away from home providing for his family.  He has been through a lot in life but having Jordan has completely rocked his world.  He would do anything for her, she is daddies girl without a doubt.

Jacob and Jameson (Brothers)

What can we say about Brothers?  This family wouldn't be complete if it weren't for these two boys!  One who keeps us grounded and reminds us that life isn't meant to always be so serious (Jacob) and the other that is wise beyond his years and always has us wondering where he comes up with his one liners (Jameson).

 About Us - Going with the Gagnons