Our Favorite Things as a Full Time Wheelchair User

Do you have a wheelchair user in your life and not sure what to get them this year? 

We've created a list of our favorite things for those that have low muscle tone and may struggle with fine motor skills.

Here’s a list of our favourite things!! 

  1. Reacher grabber tool; this is always a must to pick things up off the floor and items that are too high. This one we love because it folds in half so that you can easily take it on the go!
  2. Pedi in a Box;  Those tootsies need a little extra attention and exfoliation, this is by far our favorite option, everything you need is in that box.  A soak, scrub, mask and lotion.  It is soft and gentle to not aggravate tender feet.
  3. Giraffe water Bottle;  This water bottle is new to us but so far it is a 10 out of 10!  The water bottle comes with a holder that is mounted somewhere on your chair and the straw is flexible, stiff and long enough to reach your mouth without needing to bend down.  You just position the straw to be close to your head.  Jordan drops so many water bottles, with this bottle she always has water handy without needing to hold onto a water bottle.  
  4. Easyhold;  You will want to have multiple of these, they fit on anything that has a handle, a brush, toothbrush, cutlery, pencil, tools, kitchen gadgets, anything!!  This prevents the constant dropping and slipping of items in the hands, and helps when grip is an issue.
  5. Tumbler Handle;  this handle easily slides onto any cup to give it a handle to grab onto, Pro tip it also fits on a Venti Starbucks cup!
  6. Portable Wheelchair Ramp;  This ramp is great for on the go as it folds in half and is lightweight enough to carry.  It can be used on the back of a vehicle with a hatch or a side door of a van.  We used this for over a year to get Jordan’s electric wheelchair in the van (350lbs). I now keep it as a backup for the odd time the van ramp stops working!
  7. Glow in the dark Silicone remote cover; For anyone that drops things, covers and tethers are a must!  This cover has them both and it glows in the dark!!  This has saved our remote countless times as it gives some protection when it's dropped.
  8. Wheelchair Tray Table; This is a lifesaver!!! It attaches to any arm rests with velcro and provides a tray table for anyone in a wheelchair, because it attaches with velcro it can easily be moved between chairs.  We also use this on Jordan’s travel chair and it easily travels with us in the van.
  9. Tablet Floor Stand; This stand is easily adjustable with a weighted base so that you can insert a phone or a tablet for hands free watching.  It’s great for those that have to be positioned a certain way in bed, it also avoids dropping and then not being able to reach it!

We have added a couple other things to the list as we go, you can check out the full list here!


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