Our 10 Must Have Items When Traveling

We travel a lot!!  Sometimes for medical and sometimes for pleasure, and with each trip we take, we find a new product that we love and that makes travel that much more enjoyable!

Here are our 10 favourite travel products:

  1. Large Packing Cubes: This packing cube set is our absolute favourite simply because of the places on each cube, It reminds us of our Dream it Do it list!  This is a 7 piece set of ultra lightweight compression bags. Compression packing cubes are currently our secret weapon to packing, each kid gets their own and when we arrive at our destination they get their cube and are responsible for it.  They compress to save space.
  2. Travel Laundry Bag; when not in use this bag zips up into a small cube, but once you arrive you just unzip it and fill it up with the dirty clothes.  Also very helpful if you plan to do laundry mid trip!
  3. Airplane FootRest; help avoid leg pain with this foot rest that simply hangs down from the tray in front of you.
  4. Hanging Toiletry Bag; this toiletry bag has 4 large compartments and holds so much.  It folds up into itself saving space and also hangs when in a hotel to save counter space!
  5. Large Pink Suitcase;  need I say more?? Who doesn’t need a pink suitcase??  It’s the perfect size to not be overweight and the bag itself is very light. 
  6. Large Capacity Makeup Bag; never lose another eyeliner in the bottom of your makeup bag again!  This bag opens almost in half so you can see everything in the bag and is a beautiful faux leather!
  7. Tripod/Selfie stick; this all in one extendable stick everything! It acts as a tripod, selfie stick and is great for holding your phone so you can watch your favourite movie hands free on the plane.  It includes a remote and folds up incredibly small!
  8. London Fog Underseat Carry on Bag; this carry on is by far the best one I’ve ever owned!  It has wheels, so no more carrying a heavy bag full of snacks and electronics on your shoulder and when stored under the seat in front of you it can still be opened and you can access everything in the bag!!!  If you know you know!!! No more needing to reach for your bag in the overhead bin or struggling with the too small bag at your feet!
  9. Travel Blanket and Pillow; we are all about comfort when we travel and a blanket is a must!  You would be surprised at how many times a blanket comes in handy.  We’ve even used our travel blanket as a footrest, a picnic blanket, a poncho, a blanket (duh), and a pillow. You will find yourself using it often!!
  10. Travel Power Adapter; we first purchased this to travel abroad but now use it to travel everywhere.  It plugs in, in any country and has multiple USB and USC ports.  Everyone has a place to plug into this adapter.

We keep adding items to the list as we find them, you can find the full list HERE!

Let us know what you absolutely wouldn’t travel without!

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