I am like any other kid!


My name is Brock.

I am 13 years old, I’ll be 14 in December. I have a rare diagnosis called Hypomelanosis of Ito. I do not speak, but I express myself in many other ways. My mom, Amy is helping me write this. I guess what I want to say about being “rare” is I do not feel I am rare. I am like any other 13 year old kid, who wants to hang out with friends and just have fun. I am Métis, and I have been told Indigenous way of viewing disability is not disability at all. I have gifts of my own, and we are all diverse anyway. I want to do all the same things that other 13 year olds do, even if I am doing it in a different way. My wish for those who are rare is to be included as any other child or youth. It can be difficult for me to access things because I am a wheelchair user and I have some support needs, but my hope is that friends, community members, schools, and business owners can continue to notice these things and make them better for disabled children and youth like me. I love to be outside and exploring in our community.

~Brock Quintal

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