How can I help?

We have all been there, a dear friend or family member calls you to tell you some terrible news.  They or someone in their life has received a difficult diagnosis, something that will change their life forever, and once you hang up you are left feeling completely helpless.  You want to do something, you want to help but you have no idea what to do.

So you ask them;  “What can I do, I want to help?”  The problem with this question is that the person you are asking has no idea yet what they need, they are now in survival mode and they just don’t know.  

So I would love to share with you the 3 best things that have been done for us!

1.    A Food delivery gift certificate;  The actual gift we received was a very good friend who offered to order me a meal when we were in hospital on her skip the dishes app, it was amazing, it was the best part of my week!  Since then, I do this often for friends who are in hospital, with one small change, I simply email them a gift card to a food delivery company, and this way they can order on their own and use it when they want.  When things are at their hardest sometimes thinking about making or getting food is the last thing you want to have to think about, it is such a gift for someone to provide a meal.  I suppose this is the modern version of the neighbour bringing over a hot meal for the family.  As mentioned my app of choice for this is Skip the Dishes, if this is your first time using skip, use this link and save $5!!
    2.    Grocery delivery;  Yup more food!  If you would like to provide the family with more than one meal this is the way to go.  When you are ordering groceries though please remember to provide food that is easy to prepare.  Think cans of soup, fruit, ready meals, drinks, and items that won’t go bad too quickly.  This solves two problems, they will have a meal to eat that day and also won’t have to worry about leaving the house for a couple days to get groceries.  Our favorite delivery app is Instacart, if you’ve never used them before use code: CGAGNON1D0EF to save $10 on your first order!!!
    3.    A cleaner; This one does require that you ask permission and will take a little planning, but is so worth it!  If you don’t have your own cleaner it is easiest to call a well established cleaning company, and they often have gift certificates.  Bonus points if you can arrange this for a time when they are busy with appointments, this way they can come home to a clean fresh space.  

      I hope these ideas will help you feel helpful in such a difficult time. 

      Has someone done something for you that you will always remember and appreciate, let us know!  

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