It is finally happening!  We are taking Jordan to Paris!!

So many of you have expressed interest in wanting to be a part of this magical adventure so we came up with some fun ways you could join us in making this dream a reality!!

A bit of a recap of Jordan's story; Jordan has a life limiting condition called GAN, Giant Axonal Neuropathy. This condition affects her entire nervous system and takes away function as she ages.  So far it has taken away her ability to walk, has impacted her lungs, eyes, brain, fine motor skills, and that is just to name the things we can see.  Her condition will continue to progress taking away every function as it does, and hence our race against time!  It has been Jordans dream since as long as we can remember to visit the Eiffel tower, this dream over time has turned into a family goal.  It helps get us through the difficult times, we talk, dream and research all the things we will see and do in Europe, it gives us a much needed distraction and something to look forward to.  

Jordan is such a ray of sunshine and brings light and joy to everything she does in spite of the hardships she endures and it is time to return her some pure joy and make this dream a reality. 

Okay so back to the fun!!  We brainstormed and came up with some fun ways you could help us make this dream a reality, cause as a family of 5 this is no cheap dream.  Each image represents a way to help.

We are so blessed to have such an amazing community that cares for our family and is so invested in Jordan's Journey.  We are truly grateful on a daily basis.  

Donate $100 and receive a personalized postcard from Jordan

Give the gift of an experience

Europe Amazon Wish List: Some items we will need along the way

I would like to make a custom donation to help send Jordan  to Paris!!

Other ways to help also include West Jet giftcards or Euros!

Mailing Address: 

Jordan Gagnon

PO Box 20027 Century PO

Spruce Grove, AB

T7X 0S2